Boat and Jet Ski Licence Courses In Mooloolaba, Maroochydore

Jet Ski Course Mooloolaba

Your jet ski course is split into two assessments, theory and practical. Your theory assessment can be done either in a classroom or online, whereas your practical assessment is completed in the water with your trainer.


To gain your jet ski licence in Mooloolaba, you’re required to successfully complete four different assessments and match the relevant Queensland government requirements.

The assessment criteria include:

  1. Have successfully previously completed an online theory course, as well as your boat licence course. It is a Queensland government requirement to have these courses completed before you can receive your jet ski licence. To save your time, we offer boat and jet ski courses together.
  2. Attend a jet ski training and assessment day course. This professional and fun training is provided by our experienced instructor and helps you to prepare for your future practical assessment by undergoing a series of exercises. Your trainer will go over the most essential skills you need to practise and master in order to feel confident when jet skiing. You’ll also have an opportunity to practise exercises with your jet ski trainer.
  3. Successfully complete your multiple-choice exam. Your exam will consist of roughly 40 multiple choice questions relating to informational videos and texts. Please keep in mind that this requires a 100% pass requirement.
  4. Once we and you feel confident enough and the skills you’ve learnt are mastered, we can move onto your final assessment. This is when you will complete a jet ski licence test, very similar to your car licence. The test goes over all the exercises taught in your previous training sessions. You’ll need to perform each exercise to the Jet Ski Competency Standards in order to pass.

Once you have successfully completed all the above assessments, we will grant you a competency certificate. In order for your jet ski licence to be issued, you will need to present your certificate to the Queensland Transport Department and have any extra fees paid for. Please keep in mind your competency certificate expires within six months of completion.


Sometimes our nervousness gets the better of us and sometimes we just need that extra bit of training. If you fail your final assessment, don’t stress, we can offer you further training and you can retake your test on another day. Our aim is to have you feel comfortable and confident while jet-skiing around the Sunshine Coast, so we will continue working with you until this is achieved.


There are a couple of prior requirements you should be aware of before booking your jet ski licence course.

As mentioned above, it is a Queensland government requirement to already hold a valid boat licence and have successfully completed an online theory course before we can assess and grant you your jet ski licence.

You must be 16 years of age or over. A jet ski license cannot be held by anyone under the age of 16 in Queensland. Although, anyone of the age of 15 and 6 months can begin their jet ski training with us.


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Our aim is to have you enjoy your jet ski licence whilst also demonstrating the proper and safe training. We also offer additional training to broaden your skills and knowledge with advanced courses.

Contact Clive either by email or on 0457 777 914 if you have any further questions.

Practical Assessment – Recreational Marine Driver Licence

Recreational Marine Driver Licence
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