Boat and Jet Ski Licence Courses In Mooloolaba, Maroochydore


Below we have put together our most commonly asked questions. If we still haven’t answered your question, simply contact us for more information.

When do I need my boat licence? 

In Queensland, you are only required to have your boat licence if you are operating a powered vessel engine size of 6Hp and over.

At what age can I obtain my boat licence? 

You must be 16 years or older in Queensland to hold a boat licence. Although, you are able to complete your boat licence training course at 15 years and 6 months

Is my boat and jet ski licence the same? 

No, you cannot operate a jet ski with only a boat licence in Queensland. Your boat licence only allows you to operate recreational boats and your jet ski licence only allows you to operate a jet ski.

Can I obtain my jet ski licence only? 

No. It is a Queensland requirement that you hold your boat licence if you are wishing to also hold your jet ski licence. 

Do I have to renew my boat licence each year? 

Your boating licence is for life. You are not required to renew it each year once you have sent your certificate to Queensland transport. 

Does my boat licence go on my car licence? 

No. Your boat licence and car licence are separate. Therefore, you do not have to had already obtained your car licence to obtain your boat licence. 

What should I bring to the training course? 

You will need to bring the following: 

  • A form of ID, such as your driver’s licence, passport or birth certificate. 
  • Weather protections such as hat, sunscreen and waterproof jacket.
  • Water and food for breaks.

How do I pay for my course? 

If part of your course is done online, some of your payment is made at the registration. The remaining payment is due on the day of your practical assessment course. If you wish, payment can be made prior to you attending your practical assessment. 

We accept cash, EFT, visa and MasterCard. 

What is your refund policy? 

Unfortunately, any initial payment made to an online course is non-refundable. Although, if your reason for wanting a refund is because you decide you would rather have a face-to-face theory assessment instead of online, your payment is still valid. Although this can only be done if there is room left for you on your desired course date. 

Do you have gift cards available? 

Yes, we do offer gift cards. Gift cards can be picked up or sent to Sunshine Coast residents. 

Practical Assessment – Recreational Marine Driver Licence

Recreational Marine Driver Licence
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What do you expect from your boat and Jet Ski licence training course?

The fresh sea breeze, the cool spray, the need for skis or the thrill of a catch… whatever calls you out onto the water, this course will get you there.

The Perfect Surrounding

Learn on the Sunshine Coast with its beautiful beaches and water ways. There’s no better place to get your boat licence certified.

Advice on Purchasing your Boat or jet Ski

If you want some sound advice to get you on the water then we are here to help. With years of experience Clive will be able to help you decided on which Boat or Jet Ski will be best for you…

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"I love helping boat owners feel confident on the water. It is not just about the piece of paper. By achieving their boat license and gaining the accreditation, they can get out their more safely and enjoy being on the water more often."
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