More About Clive

Clive has been associated with Marine Rescue for some 32 years. This started when he moved to an English seaside town and joined the local RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) Lifeboat station. He was a crew member on their B class Atlantic 21 life boat, which was a 21ft quick response RIB with crew of three.

After moving to Australia in 2008, Clive joined the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard at Mooloolaba. Here he has been involved in many rescues of both recreational and commercial vessels. He is now one of the Leading Operational Skippers and part of the training team.

Clive’s love for boating started with fishing trips with his father. These trips then lead him to scuba diving. It was here where he enjoyed teaching and became an Advanced Instructor. That experience soon extended to boating skills, where he went on to become a Power Boat Instructor with the RYA (Royal Yachting Association).

Clive’s philosophy to training has always been not only to train students to the appropriate level, but also to use his experience to under pin the training and broaden their knowledge and skills.

Which brings him to ‘Boating4life’. His new boat and jet ski training company. This has allowed him to share his skills on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. He is honored to be able to offer not only the Queensland Boatsafe training program, but also more advanced courses too. That’s right, Clive can do more than just boating licence courses on the Sunshine Coast

From the smooth waters of the rivers to out beyond the “Bar”, where a new set of skills are needed for safe boating. Courses in  Bar Crossing. Navigation and the use of VHF radio equipment are a few specialty course he can offer. This is where many boat owners are making full use of his more advanced experience. These courses can be done in their own boats, to develop their own skills and again valuable experience.